Calling all 8th – 12th Graders – Join us for the 2018 Youth Summit!

Connor Flanagan Concert November 3rd!

We will be taking a group from SHP to this concert at St. Pat’s on November 3rd - please RSVP to Susanna Riley at Connor Flanagan is an up-and-coming Christian hip-hop artist who puts on an extremely dynamic show with lights, fog machines and lots of sound! His shows are energizing, and his performance really speaks the language of young people today. For anyone who attends this concert, they will leave inspired on their journey of faith with Connor's powerful message. 

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  • Catholics Around the World React to the Canonization October 17, 2018
    By Shaun McAfee | The canonization of the "seven in heaven" this weekend was incredible. I met a lot of great people all over the world, and they let me know their thoughts as well. But first, let me tell you what I...
  • Australian Youth to Synod: We Can’t Help Shape the Church Until the Church Forms Us October 17, 2018
    By Edward Pentin | Ambiguity and confusion over Catholic teaching is “neither charitable nor desired” by young people who instead want the Church to form them in the truth of Christ, a group of young Australians has told the...
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    By E. Christian Brugger | Q. Pot smoking is legal in my state. I know pot is a bridge drug to other worse drugs. But I was wondering if occasionally smoking it is okay. My parish priest says there’s nothing wrong with it, so...
  • World Mission Sunday and the Reform of the Church October 17, 2018
    By Fr. Roger Landry | Among the harmful consequences of the multidimensional clergy sexual abuse crisis is the way that it disfigures the face of the Church and impedes the Church’s mission. In the best of times, many Catholics...
  • Syriac Catholic Patriarch Younan Discusses Synod’s Priorities October 17, 2018
    By Deborah Castellano Lubov | Despite the horrendous loss of the Catholic youth population in the Middle East, due to death, kidnapping and other persecution leading them to emigrate abroad, the...
  • Pope Francis: To Hate Is to Kill in the Heart October 17, 2018
    By Hannah Brockhaus/CNA | VATICAN CITY — A person may not have killed someone, but if he is angry or has hate toward another person, it is like he has killed him or her in his heart, Pope Francis...
  • What Did Jesuit Superior Mean When He Said Pope Is Not the ‘Chief’ of the Church? October 17, 2018
    By Hannah Brockhaus/CNA | VATICAN CITY — Father Arturo Sosa Abascal, superior general of the Jesuits, said in an interview Monday that Pope Francis consciously calls himself the Bishop of Rome,...
  • Synod Father: Teach Life Issues With Greater Clarity Than Ever October 17, 2018
    By Edward Pentin | In his latest dispatch from the synod hall Oct. 17, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP of Sydney, Australia, says the African participants are making “quite a splash” at this Synod.   “Cardinal Napier [archbishop...